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Recycling bins are provided for your use. They are emptied each night by the cleaning crews. Blue recycling bins that are located under your desks are for recycling paper (white or colored), cardboard, magazines, catalogs and envelopes. Recycling bins located in or around each suites kitchen area are for recycling plastic, aluminum cans, plastic cups and jars. All of these items should be rinsed before disposal in a recycling bin.

Should you need a large recycling hamper for disposing of large quantities of paper, books, files, etc. please create a work order requesting the hamper be delivered to your suite. Delivery and pickup of hampers are provided to you for a fee.

Property Management also offers battery recycling, free of charge. Each tenant has been given a small container for collection of batteries. When this container is full please fill out a work order and someone will come to collect the batteries.

At One Financial Plaza we appreciate and support the positive effect that recycling can have on the environment and have provided access to recycling collectors throughout the Building. Please see the following page for a list of recyclable items vs. non-recyclable items.

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