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Energy Conservation
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Some areas of the building are equipped with motion sensors that control the lights. If you find any sensor in your space is too sensitive or not sensitive enough, please contact the Property Management Office or enter a work order. Please help us conserve energy by turning off any equipment or electrical items that are not in use.

"Green" Office Checklist

Recent data from the US Green Building Council has shown that buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption, 33% of global carbon-dioxide emissions, and 17% of global fresh water consumption. As an active member of the US Green Building Council, CBRE - New England is a key player in the "green building" movement. CBRE - New England is also committed to helping our tenants meet their internal sustainability goals and has created the following internal office checklist:

Reduce Electric Consumption

  • Turn off overhead lighting when offices are unoccupied. On average, lighting accounts for 29% of total building energy consumption. While the One Financial Plaza cleaning team turns all building lights off during the overnight hours, most offices can conserve additional electricity by asking employees to turn lights off as they leave for the day. By eliminating even one hour of lighting on each floor of the building, One Financial Plaza could reduce annual electric consumption by 165,000 kWh or 1.3%.

  • Install energy efficient light bulbs in proprietary fixtures. If your office has additional fixtures, such as small desktop lamps, we encourage you to explore energy efficient alternatives.

  • Minimize direct sunlight by closing blinds. Although natural light brightens an office, direct sunlight can quickly raise the internal temperature of an office or conference room and cause the HVAC system to consume more energy to achieve a comfortable temperature. By closing the blinds during peak sun load hours, energy consumption is reduced and employees remain more comfortable.

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