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Building Directory

One Financial Plaza offers a building directory for the tenants' use. This directory is not mandatory; tenants may choose whether or not they wish to utilize this service and/or what level of information it may contain. There are three different levels of content that can be collected and displayed in the directory:

  1. Tenant logo. If you are interested in having your logo displayed on the screen, please forward your logo in an electronic format to the Tenant Coordinator. EPS format is best, but most other graphics formats can be accommodated.

  2. Company Name and Suite Number. We can include your company name and suite number on the Company Listing screen. Please provide this information to the Property Management office, specifying that this is the only information that you wish to have displayed.

  3. Company Name, Individual Name and Suite Number. Within each company we can list each employee's name, if so desired. The list of names can include all of the employees within your suite or it can be limited to a select few. Please provide a list of each employee to be listed in the directory, as well as the company name and suite number.

Throughout the year we will send the current directory information to each tenant contact asking them to verify the information. Employee names can be added, deleted or edited at this time. If you need a change to be made to your company's directory immediately, please call the Property Management office to make this request.

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