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Tenant/Contractor Construction Rules and Regulations
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When tenants undertake any construction or altercation project the following Construction Rules must be followed.

  • Tenant must submit Construction Documents (plans and specifications) to the CBRE Management Office for approval. A minimum of four (4) weeks or the time period required under the lease document, whichever is longer, is needed for review prior to the commencement of the project. Please note that the submittal of CD does not warrant an automatic approval. The Landlord and CBRE reserve the right to decline the work base on, but not limited to: 1) lease rights, 2) design/use, 3) incomplete plans, or 4) any facet of proposed work that does not meet building standards.

  • CBRE reserves the right to approve and restrict any sub-contractor, contractor or employee for any trade performing work in the building. A pre-qualification statement must be submitted to CBRE for sub-contractors who have not performed work with CBRE within the last two- (2) years or on jobs of comparable size and dollar value.

  • Record of "As-built" drawings must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the project, CADD preferred.

  • Tenant must submit to CBRE the following items two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of the project:

    • Tenant's Certificate of Insurance (if not already on file with the Management office).

    • Name of General Contractor/Construction Management Firm. Only listed, approved contractors and subcontractors will be allowed access to the freight elevator and corresponding construction floors. No one will be permitted access to any other floor than that which is being worked on.

    • Sub-contractor list for approval.

    • Certificates of Insurance from general contractor and subcontractor in compliance with insurance guidelines.

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