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External Vendors
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  • From time to time, a tenant may wish to engage an external vendor for specific work within their suite, which exceeds the standard "building maintenance" parameters such as specialized electrical work, repainting or furniture reconfigurations. When arranging for services provided by an outside vendor for work in individual office suites, tenants and their vendors are asked to please comply with the following guidelines.

  • Notify the Property Management Office that you will be hiring an external vendor and provide us with an estimate of when they will be in the building to perform the work Pre-register the vendor with security.

  • Vendors shall be permitted access to the building only pursuant to the request of the tenant and only for the purpose of direct deliveries to the specified suite.

  • Vendors are allowed access to the building during normal business hours; those requiring afterhours access will only be admitted if a tenant escorts the vendor the their space, or if a specific authorization has been provided in the writing to building security.

  • Vendors may not solicit work from other tenants in the building.

  • Vendor must provide a Certificate of Insurance covering General Liability, Worker's Compensation, and Auto Liability. Please click here to view Vendor Insurance Specifications.

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