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Severe Weather

The following supplies will be necessary to protect and sustain your employees in the event that a tornado or hurricane leaves you temporarily stranded in the office building:

  • Food: stock your office with non-perishables and easy to store food products, such as dehydrated foods and food bars.

  • Water: keep at least a three-day supply of purified water. It is recommended that you stock two quarts of water per day, per employee.

  • Emergency lighting: keep flashlights, flares and light sticks.

  • Batteries: keep a fresh supply.

  • Medical: keep a well-stocked First Aid Kit. Choose kits designed to treat earthquake-related injuries such as heavy bleeding, shock and broken bones.

  • Blankets: keep lightweight fire and shock retardant emergency blankets.

  • Radios: keep portable transistor radios with extra batteries and two-way radios.

  • Fire extinguisher: have an extra available.

  • Medications: persons on medication should keep a 72-hour supply in their desk.
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