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The sequence of events of a fire emergency at One Financial Plaza are as follows:

  1. First, upon sounding of an alarm, the Providence Fire Department is notified automatically.

  2. The fire alarm system will activate the "Signal Tone" a 4-4-4 alert tone that will sound on the floor of the incident, the floor above and the floor below.

  3. After the 4-4-4 alert tone, the following pre-recorded message in the female's voice will also be played on the floor of the incident, the floor above and the floor below:
  4. "May I have your attention, please? The signal tone you have just heard indicates a report of an emergency in this building. If your floor evacuation signal sounds after this message, walk to the nearest stairway and leave the floor. While the report is being verified, occupants on other floors should await further instructions."

  5. Following the completion of the voice message, a code three temporal evacuation signal will sound and strobe lights will be activated on the floor of incident, the floor above and the floor below.

  6. Occupants located on the evacuation floors will walk to the nearest emergency egress stairway and leave their floor and head toward the gathering area at Roger Williams Memorial Park on North Main Street. Within the park, each floor has its own designated gathering area.

  7. During the sound of emergency message, all doors in the emergency stairwells will automatically unlock.

  8. Management will request over the public address system that all occupants on all other floors to standby and remain calm.

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