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Active Shooter Protocol

If informed of an active intruder/shooter in the building, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Alert the police by calling 911.
  2. Alert security about the intruder by calling 1-401-808-6781. Do not pull the fire alarm.
  3. Security, building management, or engineering will make an announcement about the intruder and what floor they are on over the Fire Alarm Public Address system to alert all tenants.
  4. Tenants should “Run, Remain, or React” based on how they are perceiving the threat:
    • Run:
      • Elevator access to all tenant floors will be turned off however; elevators will remain functional so that anyone can take the elevator to the first floor. No one can stop the elevator from stopping at another floor on the way to the lobby; Keep in mind the intruder could be in that elevator lobby.
      • Fire stairs are an option as well. Remember if you enter the stairs there is no exit until the first floor, as doors on tenant floors are locked. Again keep in mind the intruder could also get in the stairwell and both of you have no escape.
      • Get away from the building and stay out of sight of the building. Get to the rally point, Roger Williams Park, if you can.
    • Remain:
      • Secure tenant suite doors, office/conference room doors, and emergency stair doors. Create an appearance of an unoccupied area. (Turn off lights, hide behind large items, and put cell phones to silent.)
      • Barricade doors and demand identification before opening doors to the police.
      • Prepare to wait. Even if the scene is over, police still need to methodically clear each area.
    • React (Last Resort):
      • Fight as if your life depends on it. Use anything/everything at your disposal. Attack in a group and aim for the face.
  5. Anyone in the lobby should exit the building.
  6. When the Police arrive: remain calm, follow their directions, don’t stop and ask them questions, avoid quick movements, keep hands visible. Remember that their primary intention is locate, isolate, and stop the intruder.
  7. Property management will communicate status as we can. Remember, these situations evolve quickly.
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