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Parking is available for tenants and guests underneath the building. The entrance to the parking level is located on Fulton Street. Parking is operated by Down City Parking, who has a valet attendant onsite, Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 7:30pm with the following rates:

½ hour $9.00
1 ½ hour $11.00
1 hour $13.00
2 hour $15.00
3 hour $17.00
4 hour $19.00
5 hour $21.00
6 hour $23.00
Max $25.00

Cars gain access to the parking area via the truck elevator located to the right of the receiving dock entrance. Monthly parkers are asked to keep the "OFP" mirror tag in sight to identify that they are authorized for parking, and they are asked to park in their designated location. They may park their car themselves or have the valet park their car for them.

All guests to the building will be issued a parking ticket by the valet. They can either have the building tenant validate their parking or pay the fee upon their departure. If the tenant validates the parking, they will be issued an invoice at the end of the month by Down City Parking.

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