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Tenant Move-In Day Information

This form requests information regarding your move in day. Please complete this form and return it to the Property Management Office at least four weeks prior to your scheduled move. We understand Move-In Day is a very busy day; this information will help us understand your schedule and know who to contact should any issues arise. If there are any changes, please notify our office as soon as possible. We want to ensure that there will be no scheduling conflicts and that all the proper information has been received.

Access Card Activation Form

At One Financial Plaza, one building access card is issued to each individual to pass through security and enter the building. Security keeps a record of all persons holding cards to the building. At least two weeks before moving in, please complete the Access Card Activation Forms for your company. Upon each employee's first check-in at the building a picture will be taken for security purposes.

To request a badge for a new individual, a designated tenant representative is required to complete the Access Card Activation Form for each new employee and submit it to the security desk at least one week before the new hire begins work. The Access Card Activation Request Form includes an "Authorized Signature" block which must be signed and dated by your authorized representatives in order for us to process your request. Please notify the security desk of your new hire's start date. When submitting the Access Card Activation Request Form, please include the employee's start date in the "Comments" field. This form may be used any time a new employee is hired, a keycard is lost and a new badge is needed.

Please remember to alert security, as well as retrieve building access cards, when employees holding cards leave your employment or are terminated. Copies of this form can also be obtained at the Security desk and the Property Management office.


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