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Tenant/Contractor Construction Rules and Regulations
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    • Copy of Demolition Permit (if applicable).

    • Copy of Building Permit.

    • Copy of Long-Form or Fast-Tracked Application to Building Department.

    • Construction Schedule.

    • Project directory to include: name of firm, address, contacts and telephone number.

  • Tenant must submit Certificate of Occupancy at completion of project, if deemed necessary to be in compliance with the City of Providence ordinances.

  • Tenant must schedule a project meeting with CBRE construction coordinator two (2) weeks prior to commencement of project.

  • Weekly or bi-weekly project meetings are required for major construction projects. The CBRE construction coordinator may attend meetings as deemed necessary. The construction coordinator must receive a copy of the minutes on a weekly basis.

  • Any vendors hired by the tenant shall be expected to adhere to the Contractor/Vendor Rules & Regulations. Copies of these Rules and Regulations are also available from the Property Management Office.

  • Air balancing by contractor is required two (2) weeks before project is completed. The final air balance report must be submitted to CBRE no later than 1 week after substantial completion. CBRE requires the right to require contractor to revisit and/or properly address system if report indicates an unsatisfactory rating.

  • Landlord reserves the right, at any time, to change or rescind any one or more these Rules and Regulations, or to make such other and further reasonable Rules and Regulations as in Landlord's judgment may from time to time be necessary for the Management, safety, care and cleanliness of the Premises and Building, and for the preservation of good order therein, as well as for the convenience of other occupants and tenants. Landlord shall not be responsible to Tenant or to any other person for the non-observance of the Rules and Regulations, and Tenant shall agree to abide by these rules as a condition of its occupancy of the Premises.
  • Normal Business hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

  • In the event of an emergency, please call 1-401-808-6781 to contact Building Security.

  • The following work must be done at the Tenant's expense at the current overtime rate, not during normal business hours:

    • Demolition above and below occupied space which may cause disruption to other tenants in the building on other floors.

    • Coring for electrical/telephone floor outlets above occupied space.

    • Oil based or "Polymyx" painting on occupied multi-tenant floors (Latex paint work is allowed.)

    • Any work performed outside of project site.

    • Shooting of studs into deck for mechanical fastening devices (allowed until 8:00am) under occupied floors. Property Manager must be notified in advance, in order to inform other tenants this work will be performed.

    • Drilling into deck for mechanical devices (allowed until 8:00am).

    • Testing of life safety and sprinkler tie-ins.

    • Any other type of work that is noisy, disruptive, odor causing and/or dust producing.

    • Deliveries via tractor/trailer trucks unless previously approved by property manager.

  • Dollies and carts should be fitted with rubber wheels and not allowed in Lobby.

  • Dragging of ladders, dropping of material is to be avoided over occupied floors.

  • All work performed outside of project site must be coordinated with the Property Manager from CBRE.

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